Tom Shobbrook

Tom Shobbrook is a name inextricably linked with the natural wine movement in Australia and a greater movement towards handpicked, naturally fermented, minimal intervention wines of exceptional quality that I term New Wave Australian wine. As a co-founder of Natural Selection Theory with with Sam Hughes, James Erskine & Anton von Klopper, Tom’s is one of the voices of change in the Australian industry and has been elemental in the shift of international perception of Australian wine. His ideals are firm and articulately argued and his wines are excellent. However, what has made Tom an international star is what he puts in the bottle year after year. Tom’s top tier label, Shobbrook, and his more playful Tommy Ruff label are entirely estate produced wines, with all fruit grown & processed on the Shobbrook family’s amphitheatre-shaped 9Ha farm. The vineyards are farmed organically by Tom and his family and have been since 2004. The farm is home to the winery, where all fruit is processed, vinified, raised & bottled. Tom’s didi & didier labels are produced from fruit contracted from organic growers in the Adelaide Hills & Barossa Valley respectively.

With six years of living & making wine in Italy at Riecene in Chianti Classico as his education, Tom’s outlook is noticeably more informed by Italian tradition than Australian. His wines display freshness & openness as their virtues yet complexity and cellaring potential are always present.

Tom picks earlier than most in the Barossa, ferments in open one ton flex tanks, 500L ceramic eggs and wood of varying format. All wines are naturally fermented, seeing no acidification or other additions and are neither fined nor filtered. All wines are foot stomped or plunged by hand, moved only by gravity and deeply considered before a final bottle & label is assigned. Most wines see homeopathic doses of sulphur prior to bottling.

Tom Shobbrook

Something Else
Syrah 2016

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