McLaren Vale Distillery 'Bloodstone' Series 2 Chapter 2 350mL
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Series 2 Chapter 2 350mL


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This is a pre-release and has not been aged for a minimum of 2 years to be called Whisky. 

Only 50 bottles produced.

Complete Provenance

Bloodstone is a world-first collaboration between The McLaren Vale Distillery and local South Australian wine makers from the renowned McLaren Vale wine region. A highly limited series of twenty truly unique collaborations, resulting in a rare collection of handcrafted, single cask, single malt whiskies, produced with a strict focus on exceptional quality and 100% barrel and grain provenance.

Once completed the collection will portray and confirm the belief of the distillery founders that the McLaren Vale region of South Australia possesses the perfect combination of factors required to produce rare whiskies of distinction. The availability in South Australia of naturally free-flowing spring water, filtered through ancient sandstone beneath the Mount Lofty Ranges as it rises to the surface, together with locally grown malting barley, with an enviable international reputation for excellence, gave the distillery founders the confidence to establish the distillery in McLaren Vale.

The distillery with its clean air and warm Mediterranean climate, resting at the head of the McLaren Vale, close to the shores of St Vincent's Gulf, has the perfect climate for the maturation of single malt whisky. During the warmer months of the year in the late afternoon, cooling south westerly sea breezes flow up the valley resulting in a noticeable drop in the days temperature. It is this almost daily fluctuation in temperature within a fairly wide range that complements the process of maturation and allows each barrel to fully impart the flavours, notes and nuances to the spirit within.

In addition the position of the distillery within this famous wine making region has allowed relationships to flourish that have given access to barrels of exceptional quality. The wine makers themselves recognising the value of complete provenance have documented extensive histories of each barrel that has been chosen for the collection.

Mead barrels

These barrels were purchased from an Adelaide cooper in 1978 which had been used to transport Jim Beam Whisky from the United States to Australia. Maxwell filled them with their Maxwell Liqueur Mead, which is a honey wine, fortified to 20% alc and spiced with cloves cinnamon and ginger. From then until now they have run them as a solera system, bottling from the lower barrels and refilling the top row.

Port Barrels

These 300 litre Hogsheads were purchased by Maxwell Wines in 1988 and used for their ultra premium Shiraz, Ellen Street. In 1993 they retired the barrels for use with a fortified Grenache, which was sold many years later as Maxwell Tawny Port. Maxwell refilled the barrels in 2006 with another fortified Grenache all from the 2006 vintage which they have just bottled, hence making the empty barrels available for The McLaren Vale Distillery.